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  • How to Prepare a Canvas or Board

  • Adding Mediums to Paints – Why You Need Them and How Much Do You Add

  • How to Make Objects Look 3 Dimensional

  • How to Sketch a Basic Underdrawing for your Painting

  • How to Mix Colours for Skin Tones

  • How to Mix Colours for Skies

  • How to Mix Colours for Seas

  • How to Mix Colours for Clouds

  • How to Match Colours to your Reference

  • Perspectives – Atmospheric

  • Perspectives – Lineal

  • Light and Shade – The Importance of Being Brave

  • How to Paint Eyes

  • How to Paint Hands

  • How to Paint Feet

  • How to Paint Portraits

  • How to Paint People 

  • How to Paint Fabric

  • How to Paint Animals

  • How to Paint Buildings

  • Landscapes – Trees

  • Landscapes – Shrubs

  • Landscapes – Water

  • Landscapes – Reflections

  • Landscapes – Clouds and Skies

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