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Your Teacher

Hi. Thank you for stopping by. You've obviously done so because you have some kind of interest in learning to paint. That's a good start as I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to become an artist but all they are lacking is self confidence and some technical skills.

This is where I come in. 

I can teach you how to unlock your own creative instincts and develop your own unique style. I will change the way you look at the world that will enable you to see colours and shapes you didn't realise were always there. I will show you how to mix colours, to prepare your work surfaces, to paint using brushes and palette knives, to use highlights and shadows so your paintings sing out with passion and drama ... I will show you how to become a professional artist so you can join my other students in regularly selling your work.

I will change your life.

Click here to see what some of my students say.

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